I have been giving quite a bit of attention lately to my Craven ancestors.

I was very lucky in my family history search when I discovered a link to the Craven families through my 2xGt.Grandmother. I say lucky because there is so much information about the various members of this family to be found on the internet.

I have been able to get back to John Craven who was born 1485, this far but unfortunately no further. There just doesn’t seem to be anything more about him anywhere. I wonder if any of you out there have ever discovered anything more about him? Or, are we all stuck with this same John?

I have to admit that this family tree  connection gave me entree into a whole range of aristocracy. The website I like best for this kind of information is ThePeerage.com because this site always gives you a list of citations. You can see just where all the information comes from and this gives you confidence in the results.

There are other sites who deal with Royal and Aristocratic connections but don’t cite the sources and this always makes me wary of using their genealogical information.

Naturally the ancestors closest to you are more important in that they probably have more impact on your genes, but, through marriages you are going to end up with literally thousands of leaves hanging on your family tree. I have to confess that it is quite a thrill to find that you have people who you have read about in your history books actually on your tree.

Sometimes I stop and think, how is it possible that I have [at this time 28,800] thousands of people on my family tree but the answer is that each generation you go back you are sort of compounding the total. On top of this people had much larger families in days gone by and by the time you have added each of the siblings and their spouses and then their children and so on and so on there is no wonder that you end up with big numbers.

When you have members of the peerage on your tree you are going to find the same families cropping up all over the place because they tended to marry and inter-marry within their own specific sphere. Thank goodness I have software that allows for merging because I very often have put the same person in the records, coming in from a different angle and if the software didn’t merge these duplications then I would have the same names over and over which would be very confusing.